Mold Process
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Mold Process

  • Mold production refers to a mold made of metal for mass production of products with a certain shape.
    Durability is important for mass production, so it is made of alloy to increase durability.
    Asan ENG Co., Ltd. produces biscuits and ice cream molds professionally. Other molds can also be produced and consulted.


One-stop System

Asan ENG Co., Ltd.
produces high quality molds from the beginning to the final production through the ONE STOP SYSTEM equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for all production processes from design to manufacture and delivery.
In particular, unlike other competitors, MCT processing equipment is directly processed at the factory, so it can be delivered at the most competitive price.

Asan Strength

Over 20 years in the field of food and confectionery products, we have various know-how through the production of molds to suit the characteristics of our customers' products.
Reasonable price
It is possible to reduce the cost through MCT processing equipment. We have know-how to save cost through various product.